Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize

Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize granted by the Finnish Veterinary Association

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize is granted every third year at the Annual Veterinary Congress. 

The purpose of the prize is to celebrate veterinary entrepreneurship and to identify persons that have excelled as entrepreneurs in the veterinary industry. The prize can be granted on one or several people.

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize can be granted to veterinarians who have acted as pioneers as entrepreneurs and employers, have promoted animal welfare and actively worked for the benefit of the veterinary profession.

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize was granted on 3 December 2014 at the Annual Veterinary Congress in Helsinki to Helena Kuntsi-Vaattovaara DAVDC, DEVDC.

Dr Kuntsi-Vaattovaara has passed two international specialization exams.  She is a pioneer of veterinary dentistry in Finland. Her work promotes animal welfare and the skills in the area of oral health and disease. 

As an entrepreneur, Kuntsi-Vaattovaara has consistently expanded the family-owned clinic Anident, which now employs eight people, of which three are veterinarians. The clinic treats 2500 patients annually and its revenue in 2014 exceeds one million euros. 

Anident clinic uses modern equipment, including three-dimensional imagining with cone beam computed tomography. The scanner is one of the world's three CTCB scanners used for animal dentistry. Typical cases are parodontitis, dental fractures, biting defects, jaw fractures and oral tumours. 

Dr Kuntsi-Vaattovaara has inspired, taught and advised other veterinarians to take up veterinary dentistry and oral health. Her clinic is the only tutorial place approved for veterinary dental specialization by both European and US authorities. She frequently participates as a teacher in veterinary further education programs. Her work has greatly augmented the work of veterinary nurses.  

Prispengarna för år 2014 donerades av det finländska veterinärbranschens företag Vetcare Oy.

The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Prize is donated by Vetcare Ltd.

The first prize will be given in 2012, at the opening of The Annual Veterinary Congress 28th november:

The first Entrepreneur Prize of the Finnish Veterinary Association was granted to Anssi Tast DVM PhD and Juha Virolainen DVM PhD of Vethaus Animal Hospital, Hattula.

Vethaus was founded by the winners and currently employs 30 staff with annual turnover of 2.7 million euro. The clinic provides services to 12,000 patients each year.

The winners of the Entrepreneur Prize are entrepreneurial and innovative. They have expanded the size and expertise of the hospital, making it a regionally and nationally significant performer, which provides afterhours services without public support. The services enable owners of companion animals to receive immediate high-quality assistance in cases of emergency. The animals can be hospitalized for good animal welfare. The winners are known as helpful colleagues, ever ready to share their knowledge. For employees, the animal hospital is a popular place to work.

The Prize was donated by Vetcare Ltd, which has its 20h anniversary this year. 

The next prize will be granted in 2017 at the opening of the Annual Vetarinary Congress 3rd of December.