Topi Salmi Prize 2010

Satu Pyörälä is the Professor of Milk Hygiene in the University of Helsinki. She is an internationally acknowledged researcher of bovine mastitis and has conducted valued research since the 1980s.

Her special interests include the pathogenesis, aetiology, diagnostics and treatment of mastitis. The disease is of great importance for the dairy economy and bovine welfare.

Professor Pyörälä has been a major influence for the treatment of mastitis in Finland. The favourable antimicrobial resistance situation in our country has greatly benefited from her tireless work for the prudent use of antibiotics in dairy medicine.

Professor Pyörälä is an internationally acknowledged lecturer, who has spoken about the responsible use of antibiotics in mastitis treatment in many conferences. She is an excellent teacher and a driving force in basic, specialised and supplementary veterinary education.

Professor Pyörälä's merits in securing external funds for mastitis research are invaluable. She has authored or co-authored over 100 original papers and 200 other works.