Membership fee

The membership fee is 1.39 % of the gross income of the member veterinarian.

In 2024 the minimum fee is 139 € and the maximum fee 505 €.

Students with practice rights pay the annual membership fee of 139 € and other students 40 €. The first-year students who join the Finnish Veterinary Association the autumn they commence their studies do not have to pay a fee for the rest of that year. Instead, they pay their first membership fee for the next complete calendar year.
Acquiring practice rights in the middle of the year makes the student eligible for paying for the whole year as a practicing student. This is handled by charging the difference (99 €) later.  

The membership fee is calculated on the basis of the latest confirmed taxable income. The detailed instructions can be read on the members' web site. The payment instructions are mailed to each member in December. The payment must be accompanied by the personal code given in the letter. The membership is wholly deductible in the personal taxation.

Resigning a membership

The Association rules dictate that a letter of resignation must be sent to the Board or its chairperson, preferably with a reason for resigning. The membership is terminated when the cancellation letter is received or when a decision for membership termination is made.

Terminating a membership

Reminders of unpaid membership fees are sent in October. If the fee is not paid, the Board decides in December about whether a further reminder will be sent. If the fee despite these reminders remains unpaid, the membership will be terminated in the spring meeting of the Council. All member benefits cease with the termination of membership.


A former member that rejoins the Association is charged the usual membership fee together with any outstanding earlier membership fees. The rejoining fee is 139 € in 2024.