Finnish Veterinary Journal

Suomen Eläinlääkärilehti - Finsk Veterinäridskrift - The Finnish Veterinary Journal - is the professional publication of the Finnish Veterinary Association. Since its founding in 1893, the journal has been continually published except for a break of two years.

The Journal has three parts: scientific articles, other professional articles and news regarding the Association and veterinarians.

The scientific content of the Finnish Veterinary Journal is meticulously peer-reviewed. Before publication, every scientific manuscript is critically inspected and approved by one or more expert referees and a professional editorial board. The scientific editorial policy of the Finnish Veterinary Journal is in agreement with the guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal EditorsThe Finnish Veterinary Journal is the only journal globally that publishes scientific articles related to veterinary research. Most of the these scientific articles are in Finnish.

Scientific articles 

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