Topi Salmi Prize 2007

The first Topi Salmi Prize was awarded to Professor Hannu Korkeala in autumn 2007. Professor Korkeala works at the Institute of Food and Environmental Hygiene, in the Veterinary Faculty of Helsinki University.

According to the Prize Committee, the extensive research career of Professor Korkeala covers food hygiene throughout the production chain and its management. The work is characterized by robust pragmatism and applicability, and it has widely been utilized in the development of food safety. Professor Korkeala has been busy as an international expert, for instance organizing research training for veterinarians and overseeing PhD projects in the Baltic countries. His strong involvement in the training of young scientists reflects the emphasis on education cited in the charter of the Prize.  

The Prize Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Veterinary Association. Veterinary members are invited from the Veterinary Faculty, the Finnish Veterinary Foundation, the Department of Food and Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira