Join us?

Together we veterinarians form a strong group whose unified voice carries further than our own individual ones. 

Membership strengthens the common voice and the clout of veterinarians and enhances our ability to safeguard our interests. The Association speaks on our behalf and works for better working conditions for all of us as well as increased visibility and prestige for the profession. 

Joining the esteemed Association of your own profession pays: in so doing you bolster the significance of the profession and gain membership benefits for yourself. 

Whatever the twists and turns of your career - as a member, you can always count on the Association's support. The goal of the Association is a veterinarian successful and thriving both professionally and privately. The membership fee is tax deductible in your personal taxation

Check out our brochure: It pays to be a member of the Finnish Veterinary Association!

The Association accepts as members veterinarians registered in Finland as well as veterinary students (regardless of whether the studies are being carried out in Finland or abroad). 

Access the Membership application form

Please send your application by post to the Finnish Veterinary Association, Aleksis Kiven katu 52-54, 00510 Helsinki. You may also scan your application and send it by e-mail to toimisto(at) 

Membership applications are considered by the Board of the Association. Approved members receive an acceptance letter. Membership applications made after the Board's November meeting are considered in the December meeting, with approved memberships commencing from the start of the new year (1 January). Dates for the board meetings are available here (in Finnish)

Unemployment benefits as well as job alternation benefits are markedly better for unemployment fund members. If you wish to benefit from this, you must sign up directly for an unemployment fund yourself. Employees may join the Unemployment Fund for Lawyers and Medical Practitioners (LL-kassa) which began operations on 1 january 2022, when the Unemployment Fund for Lawyers merged with the Unemployment Fund for Medical Practitioners. The membership fee is 36 euros in 2023. Entrepreneurs may familiarize themselves for example with the Yrittäjäkassa fund.

Membership benefits - bringing you security and information 

Advice: The Association's Legal Counsels give members legal advice on employment matters and other issues pertaining to the profession. The Public Sector Negotiating Commission (JUKO) supports members working in the public and municipal sectors as well as at universities. The Association publishes a tax guide for veterinarians annually. Members can also access guides on seeking employment, entering into an employment contract, a guide to Finnish employment regulations (unfortunately available only in Finnish) and other matters. 

Insurance: The Association provides members with professional liability and legal expenses insurance as well as insurance for members serving in positions of trust in the Association. 

Publications: The Association publishes the Finnish Veterinary Journal (Suomen Eläinlääkärilehti, eight issues annually) and an email newsletter (six issues annually). On the Association's web pages, members can read instructions and news concerning the profession, browse job ads and access the Fimnet-portal.

The Puhti telephone prescription service and the services of the Association accounting firm are offered at member prices. Members can receive their telephone prescription fees directly via the Puhti-service. No equivalent service is available for non-members. 

Member+ is a service that provides Akava trade union confederation’s members (approx. 600 000 members) advantages and services. Summerhouses, home exchange and other services to Akava trade union confederation's members. The advantages change on a seasonal basis.

The Association AKY - Akavalaiset yrittäjät (Akava's Entrepreneurs): The Veterinary Association is a member of AKY, an association focusing on the interests of entrepreneurs in Akava. AKY's member benefits are available to our members as well. Read more about AKY in Finnish here.

Fondia’s VirtualLawyer – a legal databank and collection of document templates by the legal service company Fondia for help with business.

Bank service: Danske Bank investment benefits and services for everyone, regardless of which bank you use, for further details see in Finnish

Bank service: Danske Bank’s housing loan benefits for members of Finnish Veterinary Association – you can receive a housing loan more affordably, for further details see in Finnish

Bank service: Benefits (worth up to EUR 700 per year) from Danske Bank for customers graduating as an BSc., Licentiate, PhD or Specialist in Veterinary Medicine in the last two years; for further details see in Finnish

Pharmaca Fennica Veterinaria is available digitally at with Fimnet username and password, no equivalent digital service is available for non-members. 

Members may be granted the right to use the Association logo subject to certain conditions. The Association membership card is electronic and accessible via your mobile phone. 

Trainings and theme nights: Participation in the annual Veterinary Days and in Fennovet trainings is available at member prices. The Association also arranges seminars on bookkeeping and taxations as well as other themed events. 

Student grants: Travel grants are issued for students twice annually.

The membership fee is tax deductible in your personal taxation. The membership fee is 1,39 % of earned income and business revenue, i.e. 12-42 euros per month.

Read more about the membership fee 

More information on member benefits can be accessed on the Association's web pages.

Unfortunately the Association's members-only web pages provide information only in Finnish but the Association staff is happy to answer any questions you may have! See the contact information for the staff