Topi Salmi Prize

Topi Salmi Prize was founded by the Finnish Veterinary Association and the Finnish Veterinary Foundation in 2007. 

The Prize is awarded to Finnish veterinary researchers, whose work has international societal significance. Participation in the training of young researchers is considered a benefit. 

The Prize can be awarded for even a single research finding, if it has outstanding merit. 

The prizewinner is invited to make a lecture at the opening of the Annual General Meeting of the Finnish Veterinary Association. The prize is 10,000 euros. 

Topi Salmi Prize for 2022 was granted to Docent, Professor Sinikka Pelkonen.

Topi Salmi Prize for 2019 was granted to Docent Sauli Laaksonen.

Topi Salmi Prize for 2016 was granted to Professor Marja-Liisa Hänninen.

Topi Salmi Prize for 2013 was granted to Professor Liisa Sihvonen

Topi Salmi Prize for 2010 was granted to Professor Satu Pyörälä

Topi Salmi Prize for 2007 was granted to Professor Hannu Korkeala. 

The Prize Committee is chaired by the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Veterinary Association. Veterinary members are invited from the Veterinary Faculty, the Finnish Veterinary Foundation, the Department of Food and Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. 

The next Topi Salmi Prize will be awarded 2025