How can one start working as a vet in Finland

If you want to gain the licence you need to pratice as a vet in Finland, please contact Ruokavirasto, the Finnish Food Authority for more information. Access Ruokavirastos english page here. 

To join The Finnish Veterinary Association, read here

The Finnish Veterinary Association publishes a journal eight issues per year, in finnish. Some employers publish job ads in the journal. Those ads plus ads for shorter jobs can also be found at our members only web pages. By signing up for the Association and paying our annual fee, you get access to the journal and our member pages. Alternatively, you can subscribe only to the journal. 

The membership fee varies from 139 euro to 505 euro (in 2022), depending on your income. Subscription to the Journal alone is 120 euro/year (2022). The job ads are usually in Finnish, sometimes in Swedish. English language job ads are fairly rare. You can, however, publish your own ad in English in the journal and at the same time on the member only website. Our sub-editor (please see the contact information) will be pleased to provide you with more information. 

These following pages provide general information for employers hiring foreigners and foreigners coming to work in Finland or already living in Finland: read more

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