A practical right-sided incisional gastropexy technique for treatment or prevention of gastric dilatation volvulus

Sari H. Touru and Daniel D. Smeak


Gastropexy for treatment of Gastric Dilatation Volvulus is often performed as an emergency procedure, therefore, an ideal method for gastropexy should be quick, safe and easy to perform. This article describes an incisional gastropexy technique designed to be readily performed by a surgeon without assistance. Like other successful permanent gastropexy techniques, this method apposes incised surfaces of the right abdominal wall and pyloric antrum. Illustrated technical details are included that allow the surgeon to readily create these incised surfaces while avoiding potential complications such as inadvertent perforation of the gastric mucosa or diaphragm. In addition, standard gastropexy incision sites are described and shown to help prevent gastric malpositioning or outfl ow obstruction following surgery.